Telford Steps

The steps at Telford have been replaced however they seem to be in quite a dangerous condition in wet weather.

The finish is polished concrete and this becomes quite slippy when it has been raining.

The community Council have highlighted this to the councillors and we will look to see how the situation can be improved.


The steps at Telford leading to Drylaw are in a poor state. 

The fencing is badly damaged and the steps are a bit of an eyesore as well as becoming dangerous.

Alex Dale as Chair of the Drylaw Telford Community Council is pursuing funding from the :

 Inverleith Neighbourhood Environment Programme (NEP).

Following an award by the CEC Inverleith Ward, Neighbourhood Environment Programme supported by Dylaw Telford Community Council work will commence to renew these steps and install a new central handrail and plus new fencing. 

This work will begin on the 22nd February 2016 and will last for about 6 weeks so there will be no access to the steps for that period.  

An alternative route will be signposted. 

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