Telford Parking June 2016

For info, Please see below latest update on priority parking.


As you know, we carried out the formal consultation at the end of last year. 
While we didn't receive a high number of responses, we did receive responses 
that constitute objections. Consequently, we are preparing a Committee 
report that will reflect those objections so that Committee can decide how 
best to proceed.

The next Committee meeting available to us is in June 2016. If the decision 
of the Committee is that we should proceed to make the traffic order, we 
would be looking at implementation around August 2016.


Andrew MacKay
Traffic Orders and Project Development Officer
Parking Operations
Transport and Planning
The City Of Edinburgh Council
249 High Street

Tel: 0131 469 3577
e-mail: a.mackay@edinburgh.gov.uk

Telford Parking June 2015

The Telford Priority Parking Area proposal is definitely moving forward. We will be sending out the initial consultation letters in the next couple of weeks, which will mark the next step in the legal process.
Assuming that there is no adverse comment, this paves the way for us to proceed to draft the order and then to advertise for wider consultation. We would normally avoid consulting during the school holidays which would means that the earliest we would hope to advertise the draft order would be towards the end of August. It is almost guaranteed that there will be objections, necessitating a report to Committee. This could potentially be done in January 2016, which would allow for implementation of Priority Parking around April/May 2016, assuming that, having considered any objections, the decision of the Committee is to proceed.
What I have outlined above is the ideal timetable. Whether we can reasonably achieve that timetable does depend on other commitments within the TRO team. There are a number of high profile projects that we are taking forward that will undoubtedly take precedence, such as the Parking Action Plan, 20mph, School Streets and Leith Walk, as well as the many other traffic orders that the team progresses each year. So, there is the potential for some slippage to the timetable, but I am hopeful that we will be able to keep any such slippage to a minimum.
As a quick reference, this is what we are aiming for:
Initial TRO letter – May/June 2015
Prepare draft TRO – July/August 2015
Advertise Draft TRO – August 2015 (public consultation stage)
Consider TRO responses – September/October 2015
Report to Committee – January 2016
Implement on site – April/May 2016

Previous Notes

The DTCC Parking sub –group met with the CEC Parking Operations Manager on the 25 February for an update on the scheme. Plans have been drawn up on the location of parking bays and new single/double yellow this will form the basis TPO application this is a legal process that the Council must do and it involves a public consultation for either support or against. If there is no significant support against the scheme then the timetable will be for the scheme to operational by December this year. It has been agreed that the first year there will be no charge for Permits so we at DTCC along with your Councillors advise all residents to take up this option and apply for permits, this will allow you to control the scheme which will lead to commuter parking problems to disappear from Telford. If the scheme is successful as it has been in other parts of the city the future cost of Permits will be about  £28 - £30 per annum based on size of vehicle. 

Attached is a map of the proposed area for the restrictions in Telford as well as the proposed bay locations within the area. I have also attached some information on how Priority Parking has worked elsewhere and the type of signage we will erect, hopefully on walls and fences with owners’ consent, to avoid additional street clutter.
An indicative timetable for Telford could be –


 Draw up plans for discussion with working group and  community council
Early/Mid February 2015

 Begin drafting TRO
February/March 2015

 Advertise TRO
March/April 2015
 Consultation period ends
 April 2015

 Analysis of responses
 April/May 2015
 Report results to Transport and Environment Committee (if there are objections)
 September 2015
 “Make” traffic order*
 October 2015
 Implement Priority Parking scheme*
 November/December 2015
Please bear in mind that this timetable could be accelerated or may slip depending on resource availability etc.
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