Chair Report March 2016

Finally, the saga of The Skate Park is drawing to a conclusion. The construction of The Skate Park was finished last November, all that’s left to do is the landscaping around the park. The contractor is due back on site early spring to do this work, mainly shaping the area around the park and reseeding with grass so hopefully dry weather will set in and allow the area to dry out. 

The whole park area was subjected to flooding last year due to the large amount of rainfall over the winter period. Plans are in place to introduce an extra drainage system that will take the water away from The Skate Park and the Children’s play area to a 'soakaway' at the bottom end of the park near the Telford Road pathway.

We had planned to hold an official opening event on the 26th March but due to Scottish Parliament elections this will have to be delayed. Instead there will be a Celebration of the Skate Park Gala Day on the 26th March. Once the election is over we will have an official opening event which will allow elected officials from Sport Scotland and The City of Edinburgh to attend. Full details will be released in the near future for The Gala Day.

DTCC in partnership with Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre & EDRA have looked at starting a Friends of Drylaw Park Group and are now looking for residents to volunteer to become members of the group. Full details will be available on the Gala Day and details will be also available in the Neighbourhood Centre.

Inverleith Partnership Neighbourhood Environment Project monies have been allocated to projects in the area :- 
Telford Drive new boundaries fences to Flats 1 – 15, 
A new pathway connecting Telford Drive to the Cycle/Pathway and onto Drylaw Park, 
Ongoing work to renew the steps leading to Drylaw Bridge, 
New fencing up the side of Flat 15 to the bridge. 
NOTE: Manor Estates where asked to contribute to the project funding to allow new fencing up the side of Flat No 17 they declined and as rules only allow for these grants to be allocated to CEC owned property only one side will get new fencing.

Other project’s to start are new pathways to parts of Easter Drylaw Drive. In Wester Drylaw Drive a new security gate will be introduced to the side of the Flats (where the shops used to be). This work intends make the rear waste bin area secure and access will only available to the residents and to Council Waste Collection Staff.

We have asked for the pathway on the circle area of Wester Drylaw Place that is prone to flooding and unusable at this time of year to be renewed. The CEC North Roads Team have agreed to carry out the works and is on their ‘todo list’. 

The area of land to the rear of the Telford shop is very prone to fly tipping and we have been in consultation with the Environment Manager on ways of getting this area tidied up. We are looking to have it landscaped by introducing a wildflower meadow, spring bulb planting, selective thinning of vegetation and a new pathway through to Telford Drive.

Fly tipping in general since the introduction of the bin recycling service in the area has increased; we have raised this matter with our ward councillors to investigate and to find ways that the fly tipping could be tackled. 

DTCC is now into the final months of this current administration with new elections to be held in September/October so if you are interested in helping to improve the Drylaw Telford area and are willing to give 2 hours per month to become a Community Councillor look out for information on the website nearer the time on how to apply. Application will also be available via the CEC web site www.edinburgh.gov.uk 

Alex Dale, Chairperson,
Drylaw Telford Community Council

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