Your Community Council  
The Community Council comes together after the summer break with a lot to discuss. We have been awarded £1,000 to help improve the area between Drylaw and Telford with the view to start turning it into a wildlife area. If you have any ideas how to improve the area, please come along.

Anyone can attend a meeting. If you would like to raise an issue that is important to you please email us with the details or come to the meeting and you will be given time to raise your point.
 Please help us make this area a great place to live.

 Next Meeting

Wednesday 30th August 2017: 
Starting at 7.00 pm 

at:  The Drylaw Neighbourhood Centre

Easter Drylaw Park

The Community Council covers the Drylaw / Telford Area

Any enquiries please email the secretary. Click on the link below ?
                                                 e-mail    secretary@drylawtelfordcc.co.uk
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